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Celebrating our third birthday!

Three years ago I sold my first cup of coffee. Fast forward to 2023, I’m closing in on serving 90,000 hot drinks as Sarah’s Coffee Shop marks another amazing milestone.

It is fair to say I’ve been a busy bee since I first got the keys to our Severalls store back in 2020.

It was an incredibly exciting but daunting time – we were emerging from lockdown with all the uncertainty it brought, while I was closing in on achieving one of my biggest dreams.

Setting up a coffee shop during a pandemic was definitely a tall order, but I am so proud of where we have come.

89,731 hot drinks poured!

Over these three years we have sold 89,731 hot drinks, more than 30,500 sandwiches and close to 9,000 of our delicious cakes.

That’s enough cups of coffee, tea and hot chocolate to fill over 160 bath tubs! We’ve heard of coffee spas in some parts of the world – but we don’t have plans to open one in East Anglia any time soon.

Never in my wildest dreams did I believe I would one day own a chain of coffee shops and have such an incredible team by my side.

We would not be where we are today without them – and neither would we without our amazing customers.

I have loved every minute of this journey, from meeting new people to learning more behind what makes for the perfect brew.

We’ve travelled across the East of England serving up our drinks and snacks and have even expanded our offering over the border into Suffolk.

We have lots of exciting things on the horizon that we can’t wait to share with you – but until then, we would love to celebrate with you over a cuppa!

Why not pop in and say hello?

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