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I support local suppliers. Here’s why.

At Sarah’s Coffee Shop, supporting local suppliers is at the heart of my business.

As a new business starting off in unprecedented times, supporting local suppliers is a priority for me.

Local businesses, like mine, are run by real people, not algorithms, boards or stakeholders, so we offer individuality and a personal touch.

I did a lot of research into which suppliers I wanted to use at Sarah’s Coffee Shop to be sure that I could provide the best quality for my customers at the best price, all while supporting local businesses.

Using local suppliers not only helps the environment and the local economy, but also enables us to grow our businesses together.

These are the local suppliers that I work with and why I chose them help to provide even more character and personality to Sarah’s Coffee Shop:

· Prologue Catering & Events

Prologue are a husband-and-wife team with lots of experience in the catering industry. They set up on their own in January, and then the pandemic hit. They remained agile and diversified into afternoon tea which kept them busy. I was told about their amazing food and sampled some sandwiches and was not disappointed! With sandwiches such as The Italian, the HLT (Halloumi, Lettuce and Tomato) and the Hoisin Duck Wrap, you won’t find anything like it elsewhere. The owners are always coming up with new ideas such as the Vegan Curried Cauli which is one not to be missed!

I was very happy to partner up with Prologue Catering & Events so we could provide good quality lunch to Severalls Business Park at reasonable prices and could grow our young businesses together. The salads are amazing, and customers have been heard to say that their food is “another level”!

· CakeDeli

Adelle George is our cake maker who brings us all sorts of homemade delights. With experience in a local village bakery, Adelle can turn her hand to anything. Everything she makes is delicious! Her brownies are perfectly gooey and her cookies the ideal mix of soft and crispy.

I was pleased to find Adelle at the start of her personal journey to go it alone and am really looking forward to our businesses growing together, side by side.

· Fairfields Farm

Fairfields Farm crisps are grown just six miles from Sarah’s Coffee Shop! Having tried these crisps previously, I was delighted to be able to stock locally grown crisps in lots of yummy flavours. They compliment our sandwich selection beautifully and although we don’t currently offer them, their jacket potatoes are incredible too!

We have got the Turkey with Sage and Onion Christmas flavour crisps in stock at the moment to get you in the festive spirit!

· Primo Artisan Coffee

Having searched high and low for a good coffee bean, I came across Primo Artisan Coffee who actually roast their beans just down the road in Manningtree. They supplied us with a variety of coffee beans to sample and a lot of coffee was consumed in finding the perfect bean! I settled on their Sumatran Dark Roast which seems to be going down very well with our customers.

I didn’t think I would find what I was looking for right on our doorstep, but I am overjoyed that I did!

All of these local suppliers have played their part in creating the individual identity of Sarah’s Coffee Shop and I am so proud to be able to support them.

I would like to thank these suppliers as well as all of my customers for their support. And if you haven’t had the chance to pop in yet, we are open from 7.45am to 2.30pm Monday to Friday at Severalls Business Park in Colchester.

When you visit Sarah’s Coffee Shop, remember that you are not just supporting one local business, but five!

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