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It's 'No Disposable Cup Day'!

Playing our part in reducing disposable cup waste

It’s No Disposable Cup Day today – where coffee-lovers are asked to ditch their throwaway cups for a more eco-friendly option.

Since opening last month, I have been asked by many of our lovely customers whether they can bring in their favourite travel mug to fill up, cutting down on waste while enjoying a delicious coffee!

This is something I would love to do in the future but in the days of Covid-19 I’ve unfortunately had to put this plan on hold – for the time being!

It is certainly something I will look to do when the time is right.

In the meantime, I am excited to do my bit to help the environment and to keep our beautiful town and surrounding countryside looking fantastic.

When starting the business, I wanted to make sure the cups we used were completely recyclable and would not be found cluttering the environment for years to come.

Around seven million disposable cups are thrown away in the UK each day – most of them laminated with plastic or fit with a plastic lid.

Sarah’s Coffee Shop uses ReCup, the first disposable cups to receive a AAA rating from the prestigious European Green Dot scheme.

These fully compostable cups are 100% recyclable and can be transformed into a variety of useful paper products once they have been used.

This means you can still enjoy a cup of steaming hot coffee or tea on-the-go while remaining kind to the environment.

I would like to thank all our customers for their support since the coffee shop opened – it has been a wonderful first month.

It has been fabulous meeting people in the community, everyone is so friendly!

Make sure you keep up to date with what we have on offer each day through our social media or come and see us at Severalls Business Park in Colchester.

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