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It’s ‘Plastic Free July’!

This month is Plastic Free July – where people are encouraged to do all they can to reduce plastic usage and waste.

At Sarah’s Coffee Shop, sustainability and the environment are among our top priorities. That’s why we are raising awareness of Plastic Free July.

We want to help our customers participate by inspiring them to avoid products that use plastic throughout the whole month of July and hopefully change their habits in the future.

We are aiming to encourage people to be more aware of their plastic use and create a cleaner world as a result.

What we do to reduce plastic waste

At Sarah’s Coffee Shop, we do everything we can to make sure we look after the environment.

Around seven million disposable cups are thrown away in the UK each day – almost all contain some form of plastic.

But when customers purchase a hot drink from Sarah’s Coffee Shop to takeaway, they come in our special disposable cups which are both 100% recyclable and fully compostable.

The cups are created by ReCup and were the first to achieve the prestigious AAA rating from the European Green Dot scheme.

These cups can be transformed into a variety of useful paper products once they have been used.

We also recycle our plastic milk bottles – and as you can imagine, we use quite a lot!

When we opened on Severalls Business Park, there were no recycling bins so I asked the landlord to have one put in place so all tenants can recycle.

Moreover, we have joined the fight to combat food waste thanks to our involvement in the Too Good To Go scheme – offering “magic bags” of unsold food at a discounted price.

What you can do

In order to stop more waste, we’re encouraging people to bring their own travel mugs for us to fill up with their choice of our range of hot drinks.

This means that you can enjoy your favourite hot drink while you’re on the go, while remaining kind to the environment.

This eco-friendly option will help to prevent cluttering the environment for years to come, and you’ll also receive a 10p discount when you bring your own mug.

If you don’t have your own travel mug, we have them for sale at Sarah’s Coffee Shop for £19.99. They are great quality and totally leakproof.

For the remainder of July, if you purchase one of these, we will put your first coffee in it for free!

I would like to say thank you to our customers for choosing to be kind to the environment and hope to see you using your reusable cups next time you visit us in Colchester.

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