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It’s 'Self Care Week'

It’s Self Care Week - the UK-wide annual awareness week that focuses on helping people to look after their own health.

At Sarah’s Coffee Shop, we believe self-care is an important part of everyone’s lives, which is why we are raising awareness and encouraging people to take some time out look after themselves.

Incorporating the practise of self-care into our everyday lives can help us to live as healthily as possible, and better health can help us cope better with any challenges that may come our way.

In 2020, a staggering 79% of British adults in employment commonly experienced work-related stress. So Self Care Week is the perfect time to think about how we live our lives and maybe make some small changes that will help us take better care of ourselves and our families.

We all know how busy life can be, so making an effort to allocate 20 minutes a day to take some time to yourself can be highly beneficial.

When you need a break at work, take a walk over to Sarah’s Coffee Shop to get some fresh air and pick up a refreshing hot drink or snack to enjoy.

If you have a habit of taking your lunch back to your desk, why not make a point of eating lunch away from your office and taking a breather – we have plenty of space in Sarah’s Coffee Shop for you to sit and relax while you refuel for the rest of the day ahead.

Additionally, if you need someone to talk to then we are always up for a chat at Sarah’s!

It is also worth considering how much exercise you do each day, how much sleep you are getting every night and whether your work life balance could be improved. Then, introducing small, positive changes to improve areas of life that could enhance your mental health and wellbeing.

It is vital to make sure you are drinking enough water to stay hydrated – this is such a small thing that could make a big difference.

Staying connected with friends and family is also crucial to our wellbeing and theirs, so make sure you are checking in regularly and spending quality time with loved ones too.

The important thing to remember is, practising self-care is something we all need to do every day.

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