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Our COVID-19 policy

Although serving delicious coffee and lovely lunches is our passion, right now the health and wellbeing of our customers is our priority.

Sarah’s Coffee Shop is taking certain measures to protect both staff and customers from the spread of COVID-19.

We have:

  • A perspex screen across the serving counter to allow safe and clear communication.

  • A strict table-cleaning policy – tables and chairs are cleaned with antibacterial cleaning products as soon as a customer vacates them.

  • A policy to regularly clean the sandwich fridge with antibacterial cleaning products.

  • Followed the government guidance on face coverings – customers are required to wear masks which can only be removed if the customer is sitting in to eat or drink.

  • A hand sanitising station at the drinks collection point.

The shop is relatively small, and we encourage customers to socially distance inside the shop.

Our aim is to continue serving the people of Colchester with delightful food and drink. Therefore, we will be following the government’s health guidelines while maintaining our own high standards of hygiene and diligence to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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