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Crunching the numbers: Did you know these coffee facts?

At Sarah’s Coffee Shop, we’re crazy about coffee! There are so many facts about coffee that we bet you didn’t know, so let me enlighten you and turn you into coffee connoisseurs too!

Freshly ground coffee

Coffee consumption

Coffee is the third most popular drink of choice worldwide, following water and tea, with over 400 billion cups consumed each year.

According to the British Coffee Association, in the UK, we drink a huge ~98 million cups of coffee a day! That equates to a massive one million bathtubs full of the stuff – which is no surprise when you hear that the average person in the UK drinks two cups per day.

Although the UK is notorious for drinking tea, the same number of people confess to drinking coffee every day as those that say the same about tea.

Coffee Beans

This one might shock you – coffee beans aren’t beans! Despite the name, coffee beans are actually seeds that are found inside the coffee cherry and removed from the fruit as part of the harvest process. Under the right conditions, you could plant one and it could grow into a whole new coffee plant!

Thanks to it being jam-packed with antioxidants, coffee remains one of the healthiest beverages in the world and actually helps you to live longer. When consumed as part of a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle, coffee can help people to live longer, happier lives.

Sarah's Coffee Shop beans

Coffee habits

The average time for a morning coffee is around 9am, typically the time a lot of office workers start their day – and when we’re running at full steam to meet your orders! After all, coffee definitely helps us get through the day.

As of 2020, there were almost 26,000 coffee outlets across the UK, including independent coffee shops (like Sarah’s Coffee Shop!), chains, supermarket cafes, service stations and retail shops.

A whopping 80% of coffee shop goers make at least one visit each a week and 16% pay their favourite barista a daily visit. The favourite coffee drinks of the nation are lattes, cappuccinos, and flat whites.

While we bask in glorious summer sunshine, don't forget you can still enjoy a coffee! Try one of our iced lattes or a Frappuccino to keep cool.

Pop in and see us soon at Sarah’s Coffee Shop for your favourite coffee – especially now you know that it could help you live longer!

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