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Sarah’s Coffee Shop turns one!

Sarah’s Coffee Shop made its first appearance at Severalls Business Park in Colchester back in September 2020. One year on and we are going stronger than ever.

When my maternity leave came to an end more than a year ago, I would never have imagined the success that opening Sarah’s has brought!

Some people may think that opening a coffee shop in the middle of a worldwide pandemic is a bizarre decision; and I must admit, I too found myself thinking it would be a crazy idea at first.

Starting up a new business is a challenge in itself, let alone starting up a people-facing coffee shop during COVID-19.

But I’ll never say “no” to a challenge.

It was an absolute whirlwind from the get-go. Within one week I had already sold 218 hot drinks and even sold out of sandwiches on two of the days!

I started to see familiar faces coming back for more coffee and tasty treats and within six months, 6,515 customers had walked through our doors.

And within a year? Well, the numbers speak for themselves:

Earlier this week I announced our exciting new venture – a pop-up Sarah’s Coffee Shop in my hometown of Capel St Mary.

This pop-up will be at the village hall and provides a wonderful space to catch up with friends and family as we recover from the last 18 months.

The shop will be open from 9am – 3pm, Monday to Friday as well as on Saturday morning in the family bar.

Sarah’s Coffee Shop at Severalls is open as normal between 7.45am and 2.30pm, Monday to Friday for your daily caffeine boost – so remember to come by on your way to the office!

Follow Sarah’s Coffee Shop on social media for regular news and updates and if you do pop by, don’t forget to leave a review!

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